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Hello, my name is Diana

Services I Can Offer:

Rates & Additional Services

  • 1 Hour160€
  • 2 Hours320€
  • 3 Hours460€
  • 4 Hours600€
  • 7 Hours980€
  • 10 Hours1350€
  • 12 Hours1560€
1 Hour
1 Hour
1 Hour
1 Hour

Additional Information

The hourly rate applies to standard services (normal and oral sex with protection and massage as foreplay). When it comes to services beyond our standard offerings, we understand the importance of clarity and flexibility. Please note that extra services may never be guaranteed before booking by the operator and are always at the discretion of the escort. Once on-site, the escort will decide on the provision of extra services and any associated costs.

Contact & Booking

Our escort girls maintain flexible schedules to accommodate your needs, including last-minute bookings. While we recommend advance reservations, we strive to be accessible with a minimum notice of half an hour.

Fast and Easy Booking
We offer various convenient booking methods to suit your preferences. For immediate bookings, reach out to us via live chat, WhatsApp, SMS, or phone call at +31(0)6 222 45 111. Alternatively, you can contact us via email, though please allow up to 5 hours for a response.

Travel Time and Logistics
For those in the Amsterdam region, the average travel time is approximately 30 to 60 minutes. This duration may vary based on traffic conditions and the distance between the escort’s location and yours. Travel time commences upon confirmation of your booking by one of our operators. If your booking extends beyond Amsterdam, please anticipate longer travel times. Our operators will provide you with estimated travel times accordingly.

For a comprehensive breakdown of our rates, please refer to our escort rates page

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